Watch Maine Stories
The Maine Bicentennial Commission and our partners have produced dozens of videos, from 30 seconds in length and up, about Maine becoming the 23rd State, and our history here and on the national stage in the subsequent two centuries.


Dozens of videos have been produced for the Bicentennial to help us all learn more about Maine’s rich history and exciting present through words and pictures. Scroll down to find fascinating stories produced by our partners and others.

maine bicentennial moments

The Maine Bicentennial Moments are 30-second public service announcements featuring Maine history, starting with the lead-up to statehood, and continuing to the recent past. Produced by the Maine State Archives, these PSA includes images and documents from the Archives and other sources to highlight a particular person, place or event in Maine history. Watch the two-minute welcome video below, and the full series of :30 vignettes as they’re released.

bicentennial hub

Watch Maine Public's various series about Maine's history and present, including This Day in Maine History, This is My Maine, Bicentennial Community Film Series, special programing, and more.

The Importance of Libraries in Maine’s Rich History

From our beginning as a state, libraries have played a critical role in defining the character of our communities.  These three videos tell the story of how libraries became integral to the heart and spirit of Maine communities—and why they remain so today, and will be tomorrow!

the "Third place"
carnegie's legacy
the future

maine's seven living governors

Maine's seven living governors share their perspectives and provide the historical context of what makes Maine unique through a video presentation at the Maine State Chamber of Commerce Annual dinner.

this week in maine history

Weekly segments created by WCSH.

early considerations of statehood
early newspapers
how we became a state
how women dressed
unrolling a piece of maine's history
why maine & massachusetts separated
historic maine landmarks

this date in maine history

Every day since March 30, 2020, the Portland Press Herald has presented a short video about a notable event or person associated with that date in Maine’s history, with narration by a fascinating range of people, from broadcasting personality Bill Green (April 23), to Chandler Corriveau, Assistant Chief of the Bangor Fire Department (April 30), to actor Heath Miller (April 28).